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[VX|Script] OriginalWij's Map Title [Updated to v1.3]

Map Title

Version: 1.3
Author: OriginalWij
Date: 5/8/2011

This script/event/map thingy allows you to have a map instead of just a title graphic.
You can move around and interact with objects to select New, Load, or End.

  • Minor fixes
  • Optimized script

All customizable options are listed at the top of the script, or are shown in the demo.

Overwrites Scene_Title, but everything else is aliased. So, only similar scripts should conflict.

The setup is a lot more difficult to explain than demonstrate, so please look at the demo.

Updated to v1.3
Wij's Downloads

Comments and suggestions for improvement/next version welcome.

Terms and Conditions
Free to use (non-commercially). Please credit me.

Me (OriginalWij)

Haha I just finished making something kinda like this wij. Actually if you wouldn't mind checking mine out and telling me what you think, like if I should just forget the whole thing or if I should add something to it, that'd be great!! Cause you're a freaking rpg genius!!  It's called the the Ultimate Menu System.

wij, isnt there an updated version? the one i have says 1.2

A very useful script ... thanks for the contribution ^^

hi OriginalWij im having some problems with this script and another script im using, the other script im using isn't made by you though, the other script is the materia script
here is the problem im getting

if you try putting these two together your error message will be line 722

this only happens when these two scripts are together, ive tried putting the scripts in a different order and ive tried putting them in a project were it is just those scripts
i was hoping that you could help me get these two scripts working together

Need More Info

You need to paste your actual version of that script. (with your changes)
In the stock version the line number you reference is an "End" statement, so that can't be the problem.  Laughing
Once you upload that, I should be able to help you.

here is my version of the script
all did was change the materia at the materia config at the beginning of the script

got it

The problem was not my script, but that horribly coded Materia script.
The author did not take into account the initial/default state of how the materia attaches itself to equipment.
I added in routines to initialize them if they are set to nil (the old default).

Fixed Project File You Sent me

thanks a lot for the help your are a scripting genus
EDIT: well now it is having a problem not letting me equip the materia


dartdaman wrote:
thanks a lot for the help your are a scripting genus
EDIT: well now it is having a problem not letting me equip the materia

Did you get it to work?
Let me know ...

Anywho, here's version 1.3 ... enjoy!
(see OP for v1.3 features)

the materia script works with map title now, but the only problem now is that the equip slots wont show in the materia equip scene and it wont let me equip materia

Bonus Events on Title Screen

This script, along with the Map GameOver have to be two of my favourite rmvx scripts ever, so I just wanted to say: Thanks! Smile

I also have a question: I'm curious if it's possible to incorporate any kind of NewGame+, or Bonuses into the Map Title script, in the same way as, say, Castle Chase.

For example, let's say my Title Screen is a small village. You leave the village to start a new game, enter the Inn to load a game or walk into the graveyard to end your game. Now let's say that, at a certain point in my game, I have the player meet a particular NPC who challenges you to a fight - one which you can win or lose.

If you lose, nothing comes of it - but if you win, you get a whole extra scene. The NPC will also then appear in the Title Screen Inn, where you can either do the battle again, look at any pictures associated with him, or simply have a unique conversation (depending on what the system allows).

That's just one example, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. Is that sort of thing possible? If not, no problem - but if so, then I think it could really add a lot to an already fantastic script, prevent players from growing bored, and add a sense of "gotta collect all the secret NPCs!" (and you know how much gamers love to collect things).

Anyway, just wanted to say again how much I like the scripts, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Smile


Yes, that is totally possible.
That's the beauty of Map Title.
You might need to add a scriptlet to read all the save files and scan for a certain switch to be ON in one/any of those files in order to activate said features on your title "map".

Could you have it store/add information into a text file for it to read from?

Would be cool if it stored an encrypted text file saying show this npc at this location perhaps they could be made to give you something cool like loading a save for a special battle and such.
I think it would be cool if you did failed at something for the starting map to change somewhat.
IE: You failed to save someone. They will not show up on the start map. However if you saved them they show up and give you random hints or unlock a skill for all your save files. But once done it would get overwritten if you failed it the next time through and you would loose the skill.

Would be best if it was a passive skill or a weak skill just used for kicks. Like +1% hp/mp skill or a skill that heals 5% of your hp/mp but is only useable in battle and has a cooldown of 5 turns lol.

All of that can be done with the script as it is.
The script just enables the use of maps for the title.
The rest is up to the game maker (you) to event on those maps.

Wij, is it possible to make a cutscene before the title menu? What I want to appear in the intro is this:
1) Cutscene
2) Splash screen
3) Title Menu

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